REUSABLE WALL cut-outs (mxsticky) Personalized graphics that you can remove and posters.


Gi-normous - 72" (6 feet!!) for $110
Huge - 60" (5 Feet!!) for $90
Giant - 48" (4 Feet!!) for $70
Really Big - 36" (3 Feet!!) for $50

$4.95 S/H for any size.

More Motocross Examples coming soon.

MX Posters

Beautiful custom posters made from a digital photo of your sports athlete! 24"x 36"
Big & professional-looking with your own captions! ONLY $45.00 2 for $70

Any Caption, Any Color. Discounts when you buy more then one of the same poster.

Kyle Peters Poster

Keith Tucker Poster

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbjjHorizontal ---------------- adding sponsors and graphics is extra.


Many More Text/Fonts are available. Indoor use is recommended, limited outside exposure.

Install Instructions: Locate a wall with enough open space to accommodate your MX Sticky cut-out.
Wash the wall with warm water only. DO NOT USE SOAPS OR CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND.
Allow wall to air dry thoroughly - about one hour.
Unroll your MX Sticky cut-out and remove the excess adhesive paper from the outer edge of your MX Sticky.
With a friend (we recommend two people for the big sizes) remove the MX Sticky cut-out from the paper backing.
Apply your MX Sticky cut-out to the prepared wall. THOROUGHLY press to the wall and work out all air bubbles by starting from the center and working toward the outer edge of the MX Sticky.
Save the paper backing in case you want to move your MX Sticky in the future. Your done sit back and check it out!

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